Kuṇḍalinī is a fundamental aspect of all yoga practice and the study of Kuṇḍalinī is the study of the awakening process itself. In this retreat we will explore the principles and practices as described by the teachings of Haṭha Yoga and non-dual Tantra.

This retreat is for anyone who:

  • wants to develop a strong personal yoga practice beyond basic āsana routines
  • wants to develop skillfulness in pranayama (the control over one's life-force)
  • wants a firm grasp on the fundamental principles of spiritual practice
  • has had some spontaneous spiritual experiences but does not yet know how to integrate or develop them further
  • or already has a consistent spiritual practice and is looking for a supportive space to further refine their skills and deepen their experiences

At a certain point an individual begins to awaken to the greater reality hidden behind the surface levels of life. This initial impulse is the stirring of Kuṇḍalinī Shakti, the divine cosmic intelligence force and from that point on, if one cultivates the space for further development, one is lead through intuition and grace to the eventual full blossoming of Consciousness within one’s life. Kuṇḍalinī Shakti is both the calling and the means to realization. Seemingly ineffable, scholars and mystics have tried at times to capture her in words, but as the mystic and scholar Lilian Silburn put it:

“to those who experience her, she is as simple as Life. Better still, she is the very source of all life. But how to define life?”

Kundalini light
Kundalini Rising

"The wise yogi should thoroughly agitate Kuṇḍalinī, who is asleep in the Adhara lotus, and force her upwards by raising the apana wind"
- śivasaṃhitā

This retreat combines the metaphysical knowledge about Kuṇḍalinī from the tantric sources with selected practices of Haṭha Yoga, in order to create a powerful, practical and systematic base of understanding and experience.

The practice during this intensive is based on the core techniques of Hatha Yoga, particularly the practice of pranayama and mudras, for purifying, balancing and energizing the subtle body. These techniques aid us in preparing the space for the awakening of consciousness within the depths of meditation. We will use both silent and music meditations to cultivate this expansion of awareness.

This retreat is primarily aimed at intermediate practitioners who already have some basic knowledge of yoga and pranayama. We will progress through the teachings slowly and systematically so that even relative beginners can benefit from these practices. Guidance and support is provided at every stage so that even within a few days everyone should feel at ease with these powerful practices.

Main Techniques taught:

  • Mula-bandha, Uddiyana-bandha, Udara-bandha, Jalandhara-bandha
  • Bandha Tryam Prakriya
  • Anuloma Viloma Pranayama
  • Bhastrika Pranayama
  • Udghata Pranayama
  • Shaktichalana Mudra

Please note: These teachings have no connection with the branded "Kundalini Yoga" of Yogi Bhajan

Yogic Subtle Body Map
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Kundalini Yoga Testimonials
What past participants have said

Nowadays Kundalini yoga has become a kind of trend mostly focused on physical or breathing techniques they are all very limited and miss out on important aspects. Michael has studied and practiced for several years and hence have very deep knowledge about nature of kundalini. If you are looking to learn real kundalini yoga he is your teacher.

Karthick Velappan, India

I have done The Serpent Power Retreat with Micheal in India. It was amazing and really deep. It really impacted me so positively. I got into meditation and pranayama deeply, which really helping me elevate my energy first thing in the morning. These practices keep me mentally emotionally healthy. During and After his retreat I healed my relationship with my family. During the retreat I could see a lot of my own patterns stopping me from expressing my love for my family. There are so many other things that shifted since the retreat. I am super grateful. Look forward to do another one in near future. Thank you so much Micheal

Selenge, Mongolia

The Serpent Power Retreat was, for me, the most amazing and turning point of my yoga/tantra/kundalini practice. Michael created a master piece, putting together ancient teachings, new proven practices, combining basic with very powerful practices that together, taken responsibly, step by step, led us all to a very strong conscious expansion experience and a complete new awareness and understanding of what a Yoga/Kundalini practice is.

Fernando Salgado, Brasil

The Serpent Power Retreat is unlike any other retreat I've done before. Michael holds a strong space for almost 10 hours of yoga and meditation practice each day. The intensity of the retreat helped me make a number of breakthroughs in my practice and really reinforced my understanding of the need consistent, daily practice. The retreat is a great combination of hatha yoga, pranayama, and meditation. Michael is also extremely knowledgeable about Tantra, Yoga and Kundalini, clearly because of his many years of practice and study. I highly recommend it!

Keith McGuinnes, US

The practices and meditations and especially Michael’s kind and loving practice were very uplifting for me. Thank you for providing a beautiful space and amazing, life changing teachings

Jaya, Germany

It has been an amazing experience. Every day I experience very enjoyable meditations that make me want to continue this practice in order to meditate deeper.

Fanny, France