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What is samādhi?

Samādhi is a profound, mystical state of consciousness, in which there is a collapse between the meditator and the object of meditation. It is a state in which the ordinary sense of self and the perception of a differentiated, separate world are radically transcended. Samādhi is the essence of all yogic practice for unless one is able to break through, transcend or transfigure their normal mode of being true freedom can never be realized. 

Through the practice of samādhi one comes to realize that one's essential nature is not limited to the body, emotions or mind; that behind it all there exists a field of consciousness which is the fundamental ground of what we call 'Reality'. The goal of all spiritual practice is freedom, in the highest sense of the word and through the attainment and practice of samādhi, one's sense of self is gradually liberated from the constraints of a limited and conditioned mind.

Yoga is Samadhi
The fire of consciousness

"In the fire of absolute consciousness, where the ego is consumed and the cosmos vanishes in front of the perfect 'I', the only reality that subsists is the astounding center" - Lilian Silburn

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The mystical flame of the Heart

"In the piercing luminosity of the mystical flame, we travel to look deep into the nature of all things.....we recognize directly our highest identity, pierce into the very depths of our own soul and see beyond everything to the pure flame that stands motionless in the Heart" - Paul Muller-Ortega


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