Creative Contemplation Meditation Retreat

A unique meditation experience, for cultivating insight and increased understanding about ourselves and the nature of reality. Explore philosophical questions, such as the nature of the Self and the existence of free will, combined with deep, immersive meditations inspired by non-dual Tantric teachings.

Exquisite Love Meditation Retreat

A meditation retreat for exploring the nature of Divine love, rooted in non-dual philosophy and inspired by the great mystics of past traditions for whom Love was the highest Truth and fullfilment of life.

Luminous Living Meditation Retreat

Inspired by the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, we explore methods for overcoming the limitations, poisons, and 'demonic' aspects of the ego, thus developing an awakened and truly luminous quality of consciousness and life

Pure Wisdom Meditation Retreat

Shuddhavidya or Pure wisdom is the liberating knowledge, acquired through immediate and direct perception of the 'structure' of Reality and the nature of the Great Self; it is the wisdom that free's us from all limiting conceptions about ourselves and life.

Serpent Power Kundalini Yoga Intensive

A yogic immersion dedicated to the mysterious coiled power Kuṇḍalinī. This intensive combines the powerful and efficient methods of Hatha Yoga with the metaphysical knowledge about Kuṇḍalinī described in the original Tantric literature.

The Heart of Awareness Meditation Retreat

This meditation retreat is inspired by the teachings of non-dual Shaiva Tantra on embodied liberation. We explore the nature of freedom, what keeps us limited, and how to merge the trancendant and immanent dimensions of reality within our own lives.