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What past students have said...

Micheal has been one of the most influential teachers of my life!.

His retreat "The Serpent Power," which I have done a few times, is so powerful, that it had people being blown away each time. It totally changed how I relate to pranayama and how I feel my subtle energies in my body.

He's a really inspiring teacher that is walking his talk. Only by being around him and seeing his dedication, have resulted in strengthening my own aspiration on the spiritual path.

I look forward to taking part in his offerings in the future again. And can't recommend it highly enough to anyone interested in evolving through yoga, tantra, and spirituality.

Steffo Shambo, Sweden

I have been practicing for 2+ years when I had my first class with Michael. It was like moving onto a different octave in my practice...

When one in a yoga class it easy to feel the level of advancement of a teacher. When Michael teaches it is clear that he has done a LOT of practice, that he is a very strong teacher who know, feels and experiences what he teaches. This especially relates to the way he teaches Kundalini.

His knowledge of traditional Yoga and esoteric branches of teachings is immense. He has a unique ability to present and interpret yogic teachings in a very "down to earth", practical way, without any fluff...

Michael is extremely humble, pure, authentic and talented person and yoga teacher.

Vajra Ruslan Yacht, Russia

I was so fortunate to be his student for many occasions in many years. It would be quite difficult to support such a humble person but we should start somewhere. He’s not only dedicated to his work but also practices what he says. So this is quite important quality. I hope many people have access to his library of knowledge that he webs so carefully. Wish him lots of luck and wind that he carries of his dreams...

Erol Benjamin Scott, Turkey

Amazing! Michael is guiding with his own good example facilitating a better connection to kundalini energy and our true self. He is very inspiring and the very controlled and deep techniques clearly taught by Michael are working for me. Thank you, good luck and much love ❤️

Amritesha Arno Florian Warken, Germany

Michael is an incredible kundalini and yoga teacher. His philosophical knowledge and personal experience from the practise exceeds any other person I met. Studying and practising with Michael had always felt very safe. He knows what he is doing and is more than capable to guide and support students in not going too fast or forceful into this intense yoga practise.

Jenny Hederström, Sweden

Michael is the best yogi I met in my life, the stronger practitioner, the one who most live what he practices, the most inspiring and he had the gift and dedication to create a piece of art in everything he touches. I highly recommend everything he offers, and I have been deeply practicing all of his offers for many months and I still miss a lot to be able to come back to do so Thanks for existing, brother.

Fernando Tibechrani Salgado, Brazil

Michael is one of the best teachers i’ve ever had. Not only does he have profound experience of the topic, his attention to detail and the quality of his material is just off the charts. Tremendously recommended.

Luciano Armani, Argentina

Michael is the real deal yogi, not one of these johnny come lately new age hippies. Michael's many years of practice and study shine through in the superb quality of his classes, workshops, and events.

James Longhurst, Australia

I know Michael many years as one super practitioner and amazing teacher!! Highly recommend his workshops and teachings to whom who really wants to get deep yoga knowledge and reach realisation. Thank you so much, dear Michael for all your teachings!!

Eugene Shimaev, Russia

Michael is a serious practitioner with a whole ocean of knowledge about yoga, kundalini, and the universe as a whole. His classes are for dedicated practitioners, no matter what your level of practice or knowledge is, I feel everyone can benefit from the amount of wisdom, practice and transmission that Michael has.

Arja Hendrikx, Netherlands