Abide in the Sky of Consciousness

Abide in the Sky of Consciousness

28 Dec 2019

Abiding or moving in the sky of consciousness is the ancient Tantric 'practice' known as the Khechari Mudra, the highest of all mudras. In Hatha yoga, mudras are physical practices aimed at manipulating the life-force in specific ways. In the earlier tantric teachings however, mudra most often represented either a particular attitude or gesture one was to imitate in order to produce a shift in awareness or it represented the shift in awareness itself as is described below.

"The attainment of the condition of khechari represents an entrance by the very power of consciousness into the level of enlightenment. The power of consciousness then obtains identity, oneness, evenness, fullness of the Self, and a non-dual, non-discursive consciousness.

To move in the sky of Bhairava is to have gone beyond the limiting presence of finite objects as such and to have penetrated into a level of awareness which is empty of objects. Here the triad of knower, known and the process of knowing has been transcended" - The Triadic Heart of Shiva, by Paul Muller-Ortega

Today marks the start of my participation in the second level of study with Paul Muller-Ortega and Bluethroat Yoga, aptly called "Abiding in the Khechari Mudra". It is an advanced course in the study of Shaiva Tantra. From their website: "This course teaches you the tools and practices to soar in the Great Space of Consciousness. To anchor the light in your deepest heart. To return more fully inside and rest in your highest Self. This course supports that process by providing the tools, understandings, and practices that are necessary to soar in the Great Ocean of Bliss"

We're going to study teachings from the Yoga Sutras, Tantraloka, Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, Tantrasara, Pratyabhijna-Hrdayam and others.

I'm thrilled to be continuing my studies with such an inspiring, humble and experienced teacher like Paul, as well as the maturity and sincerity of the Bluethroat Yoga community!