Stand Free In The Heart

Stand Free In The Heart

28 Dec 2019

“Stand free in the Heart! Locate this place in your experience. Cultivate standing there. Watch what happens in your life as you take your stance in the domain of freedom, perfection, Wholeness and totality. Stand rooted in the Transcendent.

Prior to all fluctuations of relativity, prior to expansion and contraction, prior to the individual self, ordinary mind and identity, and prior to all activity of manifestation - stand free in the freedom of the Heart. Stand free in the bliss-love of the great Self.

Locate and accelerate your capacity to stand, as you meditate, prior to the expansion and contraction, the fluctuation and the waves, prior to change, mutability and experiences of gladness, sadness, potency and diminution.
Stand free in that which does not change, which witnesses movement, fluctuation and mutability, but yet is not itself affected or overshadowed by all such change.

This is an invitation, to be sure. It is also a challenge! The state of standing in the Heart is not some mechanical performance of dryness or mere neutrality. It asks us to live in the trembling intimacy of the mystery of all life altogether. It challenges us to submit and surrender to that process by means of which our ordinary assemblage of mind, identity, limitation, specificity and contraction (all of which will continue to arise) has been released in terms of our complete identification with it all.

Stand free in the Heart. There arising individuality no longer overshadows, conceals or in any way impedes our capacity to be rooted and stand in this most exquisite, sublime, celestial, ultimately transcendental place of all Reality.

That place is tender, suffused with Light, bathed in bliss, blessed with waves of love, fulfilled, Whole. It is our highest identity, our deepest Heart intimacy.” - Paul Muller-Ortega

This is one of my favorite pieces of inspiration by Paul. It epitomizes the Tantric vision of living liberation; of standing rooted in the Highest, while still being engaged with the world and through the cultivation of that center, one is able to uplift not only one's own life but the lives of all those one comes into contact with. It is about living with an increased awareness that brings a richness and intensity to life, transfiguring what was previously perceived as mundane into something Divinely splendid.

This is a repost - Original. Find more of Paul's exquisite writing on the Blue Throat Yoga page.